What is the Hai Tze Tao?

The Hai Tze Tao Religion is an independent religion of the modern age.  It existed before the Heaven and Earth did, and still exists even after the Heaven and Earth are destroyed.  It is an orthodox being believed in the three realms ― Heaven, World, and Underworld.  The main God of worshipping of the Religion is the great His Majesty  Heavenly Father ― Hsuan-tien-shang-zu.  He is the Creator of the universe, and the Heavenly Father of all Immortals, Buddhas, Deities, saints, mankind and spirits.

The Heavenly Father, His Majesty Hsuan-tien-shang-zu

The main God of worshipping of the Hai Tze Tao Religion is His Majesty Heavenly Father― Hsuan-tien-shang-zu.  He is the Emperor of the Heaven, and lives in the Sheng-ji Heaven above the Wu-ji Heaven.  The Heavenly Father is the primordial ancestor of all beings.  Currently the life cycle of the earth, namely the Tai-ji World, has passed the Green Yang and Red Yang Periods, and is in the White Yang Period.  This Period is called the Period of Decay and Termination or the Final Catastrophe by different religions.  In the White Yang Period, mankind will suffer from Karmic retributions for countless debts gathered from numberless sins and killings.  The deities of the Tai-ji World will also be affected violently.

In order to help Souls in the three realms return to the Origin in the Sheng-ji Heaven to join the Long-hua Assemblies, the merciful His Majesty Heavenly Father ― Hsuan-tien-shang-zu descended the Hai Tze Tao to the earth.  He came down from the Heaven Himself, and established His abode on the earth ― the Supreme Holy Temple Hsuan-ji Palace.  He has been decreeing His eldest son ― the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor and other Immortals, who have received the Command of the Shou Yuan Salvation, to conduct the Holy Registration for the Tien Zhen Shou Yuan Salvation.  The “Nine Six” Holy Souls will then cultivate the Tao, elevate to the Wu-ji Heaven, and finally reach the Sheng-ji Heaven.

The Establishment of the Hai Tze Tao Religion

With the transition from the Red Yang Period to the White Yang Period, the Heavenly Father, His Majesty Hsuan-tien-shang-zu, descended the new Heavenly Tao ― Hai Tze Tao to the earth to save the world.  The Hai Tze Tao roots in the Tao and cultivates the beings.  It was organized in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984.  The establishment of the Religion was predicted hundreds of years ago.  As foretold by ancient prophetic words, the religion would come down to the world in the year when (1) the dual Springs and the dual Rain Waters (both being the Solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar) both happen in the same year; (2) the New Year’s Day of the Solar Calendar and that of the Lunar Calendar both are in the same month; and (3) two Octobers (one being an intercalary month in the lunar calendar) are in the same year.  In this auspicious year, the Heavenly Father also blesses mankind and the whole universe with happiness and joyfulness.


The Founders of the Hai Tze Tao Religion

There are three founders of the Hai Tze Tao Religion:  One chief founder and two co-founders.

1. The Chief Founder ― Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor

The chief founder is the heavenly-ordained Soul Saving Father.  His monastic name is Hsuan Ho, and holy name is the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor.  He is also called the Tien Zhen General Master.
The Heavenly Father, His Majesty Hsuan-tien-shang-zu, frequently decreed the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor.  He issued an imperial decree to the Holy Emperor on July 24, 1985: “The Heaven will hold the Long-hua Assemblies on earth under the leadership of the Supreme Holy Emperor.  In due course, all human beings will be transformed into Buddhas.”  Hsuan Ho, whose Soul is a combination of Tai Shang Tao Zu’s, Tung Hua Ti Chun’s, and the Heavenly Father’s holy spirits is a God in the Heaven and is the chief founder of the Hai Tze Tao Religion on earth.  He, who bears the responsibilities of continuing the “Golden String of the Tao” and conveying the innovative and advanced soul-saving approach for self-cultivation, is the main pillar in the period of the Shou Yuan Salvation and the pivot of the Heaven and earth.  He disseminates the Tao on behalf of the Heaven and facilitates the business of the Tao in the mundane world, so the underdeveloped earth being full of darkness and sins will be transformed into a paradise.  He also takes charge of nurturing the young Sun Moon Ming Shi’s, and executes holy decrees on behalf of the Heaven.  Therefore, the Heavenly Father His Majesty Hsuan-tien-shang-zu conferred the powers upon the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor: “His oral judgment being a holy decree; His mental discrimination being sagacious and reliable; and His instruction constitutes an imperial edict.”  This oracle summarizes the missions for the first twenty-six years of the Shou Yuan Salvation (from 1984 to 2010), while the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor, with the omnipotent powers given by God, is responsible to facilitate the Shou Yuan Salvation on behalf of the Heaven.

2. The Hon. Sun Moon Ming Shi's

The Hon. Sun Moon Ming Shi’s (the Tien Zhen Father Master ― Hsuan-zhi-ming-shi and the Tien Zhen Mother Master ― Hsuan-hui-ming-shi) are co-founders of the Religion.  They are also called the Creators of the Religion and Saviors of Souls.  In 1984 when the Hai Tze Tao Religion was founded, these two Masters were still young, so they were raised and supported by the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor.  Under God’s decree, the Sun Moon Ming Shi’s are the last saviors, the 64th generation, of the Golden String of the Tao.
In 1984, the Shou Yuan Salvation of the White Yang Period began.  The Hai Tze Tao Religion was established on earth then.  The saviors of the 64th generation, the Tien Zhen Father Master ― Hsuan-zhi-ming-shi and the Tien Zhen Mother Master ― Hsuan-hui-ming-shi came to the earth as living Buddhas to disseminate the Tao to the beings.  Until then, the 64 generations represented by the 64 trigrams of the I-ching (Classic of Changes) are consummated.  Henceforth, the foundation for a peaceful and prosperous future is stabilized.  This is also the paramount mission of the Tien Zhen General Master ― the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor.

The Goal of the Hai Tze Tao Religion

The Hai Tze Tao not only indicates clearly where human beings came from (i.e., who our primal ancestors were), but also civilizes people by education.  It is the new Tien Tao being disseminated among the Chinese people with the mission of innovating Chinese culture, and promotes disciplines of life and nature simultaneously. 
The goal for the discipline of nature is to elevate spiritual quality to the extent of realizing the meaning of life and death. 
The goal for the discipline of life is to urge followers of the Tao to savor happiness through a practical life and new values of ethics; promote peace of society; comply with the trends of the modern world; and satisfy the need for civilization among different peoples. 

The enlightening teachings preached by the Hon. Supreme Holy Emperor are highly recognized domestically and internationally, so He is honorably named the “World Master”.

The legitimacy of the Hai Tze Tao Religion

The establishment of the General Headquarters of the Tien Zhen Hai Tze Tao in ROC was approved by the Ministry of the Interior on July 15, 1990 (license no. Tai-Nei-She-Tze #812930).  Thenceforth, the Hai Tze Tao Religion is on equal terms with all the other religions to save people, countries and the mundane world.  This eternally great business of the Tao should be maintained wholeheartedly by the loyal followers.

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